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  1. 'Baby You're a Rich Man' – The Beatles They were huge, apparently, and criticising them is against the law in Britain. But can we just point out that far from being the big fat Rutles failure that it's claimed to be, Magical Mystery Tour has all the best songs on it, and this track recorded without George Martin (as opposed to in spite of him) is a cracker. Featured on The Social Network, so the kids are down with it. Like!
  2. 'White Love' - One Dove Speaking of tuned to a natural E: standout obscure track from the pre-millennium before MDMA escapades went corporate. Vocalist / songwriter Dot Allison (Dot!) went on to her own solo spooky stuff including a breathy collaboration on 'Girls', the only Death in Vegas song that anyone cares about.
  3. 'I've Seen That Face Before' – Grace Jones She's an old lady now. So are you. But she's still ice cold in Alex, and you're not. Grace Jones did everything right when we were all still working shit out.
  4. 'Design for Living' – Nona Hendryx Revived by Bill Laswell, we thought, but no – she was the life force. Scraping metallic bad things presage uplifting gospel discordance at the song's conclusion. Ms Hendryx has issues; few have presented them with such classic grace. From the near-mythically prescient album Nona. Good luck finding a legal copy of that one. The woman's a genius. Bill helped.
  5. 'Live With Me' – The Rolling Stones Clever'n'that. They made lots of money and outlived everyone except for some of The Rolling Stones. Their longevity has validated a ragged output and Mick singing with the saddest American accent in the world but there's a reason why they're loved and this is it.
  6. 'Bonnie & Clyde' – Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot Foolish, whooping mélange until you play it alongside its modern electro / rap counterparts and realise what a classic foolish, whooping mélange it is. As important to modern music as Brian Eno and Snatch's 'RAF'. Vive la something or other!
  7. 'Magic Spells' – Crystal Castles The best band in the world ATM IMHO. Don't know what those kids do but it's brilliant: recessive, near-anonymous vocals over a pissed-off curtain of electronic sound. Said it before: if Cayce Pollard had a band, Crystal Castles would be it.
  8. 'Liebe auf den Ersten Blick' – D.A.F. Sexy pared-back electro; opening track for an album Gold und Liebe which never quite lived up to its Suicide-al aspirations but did trick you into buying the gayest album in your LP collection outside of [insert band name here].
  9. 'Psychic Chasms' – Neon Indian Summery metronomic love song (Or Is It?) from the digital swimming hole. Everything is good when you listen to this: it's so damn up, you know their parents have already set up their retirement plan and all they're really doing is kicking back. Not a bad thing.
  10. 'Sweetest Pie' - Curve An oldie for me. Curve were like Oasis, but with songs. Singer / songwriter / not just a knockout Toni Halliday was quintessentially electro in the way that PJ Harvey was quintessentially indie, but dismissed as being too convenient for 90s grunge trends. Longing constellations of pretty-edged regret don't come along that often: we were ungrateful then, but so much older now.