They'll never clone ya

If (like me) you enjoyed LCD Soundsystem's 'Dance Yourself Clean' you might like the sound bed: dollars to doughnuts it's the 12" mix of Depeche Mode's 'Any Second Now.' In the same way that 'Drunk Girls' is a reply song to Bowie's 'Boys Keep Swinging'... 'One Touch' is Heaven 17's 'Play to Win'... 'All I Want' is Eno's 'Some of Them Are Old'... 'All I Want' is 'Sorrow'... 'Pow Pow' is Talking Heads' 'The Great Curve' and so it goes. (Man, I feel old. And I miss Kurt.)

The Quietus reveals that PJ Harvey is no fun any more:
Well, in the writing I knew there had to be a balance of light and shade. There had to be hope amongst disaster. And I think of myself as somebody that continues to carry hope.
Fck. We want Peej to carry the hopelessness. Let England Shake is her Lionheart – but Lionheart was Kate Bush's second LP. No time to dawdle no more. And time for new things.