Be seeing you

Blogger has done a silly thing. Blogs that were once "blogspot.com" now direct to one of 15 local URLs depending on the country in which the user is logged on. The complete set of URLs is
India [blogspot.in], Australia [blogspot.com.au], UK [blogspot.co.uk], Japan [blogspot.jp], New Zealand [blogspot.co.nz], Canada [blogspot.ca], Germany [blogspot.de], Italy [blogspot.it], France [blogspot.fr], Sweden [blogspot.se], Spain [blogspot.com.es], Portugal [blogspot.pt], Brazil [blogspot.com.br], Argentina [blogspot.com.ar], Mexico [blogspot.mx]
So although this blog is hosted in the US as ".com" it will appear as ".com.au" if you're viewing it in Australia and ".fr" if you're viewing it in France, etc. But why? This is difficult to explain without shouting but Amit Argawal manages to do so:
"So why is Google switching to country-specific blogspot.com URLs? The answer is simple – this gives them the ability to censor (or remove) content hosted on Blogger country-wise.
By utilizing ccTLDs, content removals can be managed on a per country basis, which will limit their impact to the smallest number of readers. Content removed due to a specific country’s law will only be removed from the relevant ccTLD.
"For instance, if the Indian government (or court) orders Google India to remove offensive content from a blog hosted at abc.blogspot.com, Google can simply block those pages in India while they’ll continue to be available in other parts of the world.
The hack for getting around the country specific URL redirect is to paste ten lines of Javascript into your Blogger template. Anil from San Fran has a How To on his blog. Tip: cut and paste the code from Anil's site into a plain text editor such as TextWrangler or Notepad to ensure that the quotes stay "dumb" (i.e. straight not curly) before pasting them into your Blogger template.

(Pic: The Prisoner.)